What is your favorite way to escape?

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There comes a moment when we all feel the need to escape. A desire to go away from the urban jungle we’re living in and to forget about everyone and everything. From time to time, we really want to let the madness behind us, and search for calmness. We have that impulse to look for a certain place where we can make room for new things, new people and experiences in our soul and life.

In order to do that some people choose to pay a visit to the mall. Shopping seems to work like a therapy to them. So, there’s no surprise that they spend several hours or an entire day filling in their bags. Somehow, the clothes and all the other stuff they buy become a surrogate of what they don’t have.  A substitute of what they’ve lost or a way to change the person they are right now. At least for a while.

Instead of doing this, others prefer to read and get lost into a book. And this is a thing that, most of the times, really works. A good story has the power to help us escape from our own reality and guide us into a totally different world. A universe which may be much more interesting and fulfilling than ours, one that has brighter perspectives over life. Others try to decompress by going to the gym. Working out a little bit gets them focused more on their muscles and less on their day-to-day problemes. And it’s absolutely fine.

But there are also people who run away from the crowds, looking for their own company. And I have to confess that I’m one of those. To me, escaping means going to a nice place and spend a day or two alone. This way I’m able to clean my thoughts and unleash the anger, the pain or the frustration which live inside of me. That’s the manner to build a beautiful relationship with myself, to reconnect with my spirit, and to realize what really makes me happy.

Although I’m not an adventurous person, I believe that setting a tent into the woods and sleeping there over night could be the perfect escape for me. I’ve never been camping, I admit it, but I’m so eager to try it. Who knows, perhaps I’ll discover that waking up early in the morning and watching the sunrise can bring me pure joy. Maybe I’ll fall in love with the taste of coffee over the campfire. And, finally, I’ll find the inner peace that I’m looking for so badly.


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4 thoughts on “What is your favorite way to escape?

  1. Everyone uses something for escapism. Personally, I play video games, blog or watch a movie to escape the harsh reality. Even in my own work, I am using it as a form of escapism.

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