The five people you meet in Heaven

‘The Five People You Meet in Heaven’ – Mitch Albom

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Have you ever fallen in love so badly with a certain clothing item, that you purchased it on more than one color? Or have you ever furnished your dressing room with different work pieces of a fashion designer you like a lot? Well, if you’re a passionate reader like I am, you know by now the same thing happens when speaking about books. Am I right?

Most of us do have an author (or more, I mean why not?) we keep very close to our heart. An author we are crazy about. One that makes us feel as excited as a child when get candies each time we put our hands on his new book.

I don’t know about you, but for me Mitch Albom is a relatively a new crush. To be honest, I don’t remember exactly how I heard about him and his book ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’, but I know for sure what I felt during and after reading it. And yes, thanks to all those beautiful emotions I experienced, I kept looking for some other titles that Albom Wrote, and here I could mention ‘For one more day’ and ‘The time keeper’.

Mitch Albom

A few months ago I ran into another amazing book of his: ‘The five people you meet in Heaven’. It caught my eyes whilst I was in Waterstones Library, here in Aberdeen, and the very first thing I told myself was: “Roxana, you have to have this book!” and if I could, I would shake my own hand for the decision of buying it, trust me.

Wondering why is Mitch Albom one of my favorite writers? Well, I’ll begin by saying that his humanity is the trait I admire the most about him. Although one story is different from other, each of them manages to touch your soul. To wake up the kindness and the beauty which lives within yourself. To guide you on the right path, to change you into a giver, to help you realize what really matters in life. And the story which ‘The five people you meet in Heaven’ tells is no exception.

This time around, Mitch Albom wraps in candid words the life of a man who dies exactly on his eighty-third birthday trying to save a little girl. Well, this selfless gesture will take him on a journey full of wisdom and lessons. Although Eddie – because that’s his name – had pictured the afterlife in a certain way, he discovers that Heaven it’s not about green gardens or birds singing, but about a time of looking back to his life on Earth.

Thanks to those five people he meets in Heaven – some of them strangers, some of them people who he knew and loved – Eddie has the chance to see all the good and the bad he had done whilst he was alive, and also to understand that everything happens for a reason. I know, you’re probably telling to yourself that this statement is such a cliché, but I have to admit that it made questioning myself about some events in life, and gave me an urge to find the answer to a few big “Why-s?”.


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