aberdeen blogger

My Dear Reader,

We finally meet. It’s such a great pleasure to have you here, on my blog.

Curios to find out who am I?

Well, my name is Roxana Balan, and the first thing you have to know about me is that I’m a words lover.

The second, and also important, thing about me is that I was born & raised in one of the most beautiful cities of Romania: Iassy (Iasi).

At the age of 24 I have left my home country, my family & all my friends, and I have followed my love in Scotland, Aberdeen.

Wondering why I started a blog?

As I really love writing, reading, traveling, and descovering all sort of new things, I  thought I could enjoy every single hobby of mine by starting a blog.

Although I am not a native English speaker , and I might do some grammar mistakes (which I do apologise for), I want you to know that I’m so happy to be able to share with you the things I love and the experiences that I’ll have as a young adult, woman, lover, friend, reader, traveller, expat and… human.

Also, I will write Romanian blog posts. It would be heart breaking to do otherwise, as I love my country’s language so much.

So, on your return to my blog, you can look forward to stories about great people, life lessons, and also some fresh & sapid notes about the books I read, the films I watch, or the places I’ve visited.

I hope I’ll succed to inspire you in one way or another, and put a smile on your face each time you’ll be reading my blog post.

Hope you’ll enjoy every single word!

Your friend,